Wednesday, October 7, 2020

My School Day

The way I get to school I get drove to school and sometimes we have to drop off other kids. Once I am at school we have to get our temperatures taken and in the morning before school my parents have to fill out a form for Covid-19.

About school I am in 6th grade and in go to school . I have about 150 people in my school from 3rd grade to 6th grade. There is eleven classes in the whole school and some are all online because of Covid-19 and you are not in school all the time. Cohort A is in school Monday and Tuesdays, Cohort B is Thursday Friday and Cohort C is all online. everyone is online on Wednesdays.

School day I get my screening down for Covid-19 then I walk in at 8:45. The school day is about seven hours two days a week at school and three at home for me. I am in Cohort which mean the Monday Tuesday and Wednesday Thursday Friday at home and online.

Mondays  Go to My teachers room room. At 9 we go to Band and we don't get to play the instruments. Then we do Math but we don't get to change classroom we do it online on our computers. Then My teacher will read to us and then we will fill in a paragraph about her reading. Then it is around lunch time and we get to eat lunch and take off our masks. Then we go to Library and check out books. The we go do ELA/SS for about two hours then we will go have a mask break and run the track, garden, go to the field etc. It is just one of them. Then we will go and do some more ELA/SS then we get to go out side with our masks on this time. At the end of the day will we pack up our teacher tells us what to do at home and sets up a check list for us on google classroom and then home for the day sit on the bus for about a hour.

Tuesdays Go to My teachers room room. At 9 we go to P.E. and run the track and then play a game. Then we check into classcraft and do classcraft until 11 o'clock then my teacher might explain something or just say keep working until lunch. Then it is around lunch time and we get to eat lunch and take off our masks. The we will go back and do a little more classcraft then we will move on to Math. Once we are done with that we go walk the track. We will come back and get our creek gear ready to go down to the creek for water testing. Then we get back and put our info in and pack up. then home for the day and sit on the bus for about an hour.

I go to Chimacum Elementary School

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  1. Hi, Breanne!

    I am so glad to hear that you get to go to your school library to check out books! I am a teacher assistant in an elementary school library (Grades K-5), and the children are not allowed to come to the library to check out books because of COVID-19. I really miss the children!


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